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Cyberattacks are on the rise - data protection and data security for big and small

The latest cyberattack on the Schaffhausen-based company Garmin is just one of many. But 95% of the problem lies between the keyboard and the chair. What many people are doing wrong and how to protect data even better: today in TOP TALK

Tele Top - TOP TALK 27. Juli 2020 Cyber-Security

Cyber-Security Check in German

How well is your company protected against and prepared for attacks from cyberspace?

Test now whether you meet the minimum security standards for SMEs.

The risks of cyber attacks are often greatly underestimated. The majority of SMEs feel well protected, although often too little is done against the threats.

This questionnaire enables your company to assess where it stands and shows you whether you are implementing the most important technical, organizational and employee-related measures for minimum cyber security protection.

Cyber-Security Check in German

It is high time to act!

The rapid digitalization in the economy and society poses great risks and exposes sensitive company data in particular. Protecting this valuable asset is a major challenge. User behavior has also changed dramatically: Business data everywhere, at any time and on any device.

Es ist höchste Zeit zu handeln! – IT-Security Issue 01/19

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