Swiss Made Information Security

Protect your data on your premises and in the cloud!

Cybercrime and data misuse - a threat to every company! First and foremost, the management is responsible for cyber security and data protection in your company, not IT! Before using a cloud service, clarify how "secure" this cloud service is. We recommend you perform a risk analysis to find out where the dangers and threats are specifically for your company.

Secure backup solution with Mount 10

As the Swiss market leader, MOUNT10 offers a wide range of products and various solutions for secure data storage. Our products are customizable, flexible and can be used independently from already existing backup solutions. Data and entire systems can be irretrievably lost for a variety of reasons, a worst-case scenario for anyone affected. Uncompromising and double protection, as well as a free personalized 24/7 service for all our customers are our focus.

At MOUNT10, all data is fully automatically backed up to our own two data centers in the Swiss Alps SWISS FORT KNOX I +II «Swiss Fort Knox» Your data is stored here in the safest place in Europe. Optimally protected against crypto-viruses, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, fire and any other risk. All our products Product Overview are suitable for all company sizes and all industries, especially for companies in a highly regulated environment. With us you don't move mountains, but your data is safe. With MOUNT10 as your backup partner, you can rest assured knowing your data is safe.

Data recovery

If you have one of the following problems, we offer you a fast and competent solution:

  • You have suffered a hard disk crash
  • Your hard disk was formatted
  • Data loss due to a short circuit
  • Physical damage of the hard disk
  • Hard disk makes strange noises
  • Water or fire damage
  • Your raid is offline
  • Your computer does not start anymore
  • We offer you a fast and secure data recovery with our partner.

Daily cyber vulnerability scans of all online assets

Every day, criminals scan the entire Internet for vulnerable assets and attack them.

Knowing if your systems are affected by critical vulnerabilities is essential. In such cases, quick action is required to fix the vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Our daily vulnerability scans help you stay ahead of the attackers. You will be notified immediately if your assets are affected by critical vulnerabilities. In addition, you'll receive all the technical details you need to fix them quickly.

Solution Benefits:

  • Daily vulnerability scans of your online systems.
  • 100% coverage of your public systems and continuous expansion possible
  • Immediate notification of critical (CVSS) vulnerabilities
  • Detailed information on how to fix the respective vulnerabilities
  • Additional monthly overview reports with all results
  • No access to your network required
  • Can be started immediately without customization
  • 365 days a year subscription
  • For large enterprises and SMEs

Security Newsletter Subscription Service

The timely sensitization of your employees in the area of "cyber security" is urgently necessary today in order to protect yourself against cyber attacks such as ransomware and social engineering.

For this purpose, we offer you our security newsletter subscription at an annual flat rate. Every three months, you will receive a security newsletter from us on a current security topic, which you can then send to your employees via e-mail or another communication channel.

Don't leave cyber security to chance !