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Radio solutions for professional use

We offer a range of services in the field of planning and commissioning of radio solutions including transceivers and antennas on buildings as well as in the field.

Do not hesitate to ask us also for a complete or special system solutions in the radio sector. These can be solutions in the shortwave, VHF, UHF range or for special satellites. Analog and digital radio, on request also with encryption.

As a radio amateur with the callsign HB9RYZ I have the necessary know-how and experience to plan, install and operate a complex transmitting and receiving system.

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What is amateur radio in German?

Overview of our radio services

  • Planning and realization of complete radio stations

    From the evaluation of the radio equipment (transceiver or receiver) for the desired frequencies (0.5 - 50 MHz, over 140 MHz to 10 GHz) with appropriate antennas adapted to your local conditions, we create a concept for you and accompany you until implementation. Also afterwards we are there for you with words and deeds. We integrate your radio solution into your existing IT environment (network) and configure your radios with accessories such as amplifier and antenna adaptation including connection of the devices via serial or USB connection with your programs on your computer.

    The radio station can be at your home, in the store or "remote" at a remote location with better reception conditions.
    Remote DX station from HB9RYZ & HB9CQK

  • Troubleshooting and optimization of radio and wired networks

    Slow application programs, dropped connections, seemingly scarce bandwidths. Troubleshooting performance problems is not easy, because many components are involved in the network. The first assumption is usually "The network is to blame ". However, the causes of performance problems can also lie outside the network, e.g. in the cabling, radio radiation, WLAN configuration or software settings. Given the large number of possible causes of errors, a well-founded, systematic and fact-based network analysis can help. Our basic Network Health Check gives you an initial assessment of the health of your network. It shows you possible weak points and optimization potentials. The ideal starting point for optimizing your network performance and concrete follow-up activities.

  • Emergency radio systems

    We plan for you an emergency radio solution for the case of crisis like the

    • Establishing radio connections between the cantons
    • transmitting messages with voice radio (FM and SSB)
    • Transmission of data (e.g. text and still images)
    • Radio calculations and measurements (area coverage and forecasts for connections and quality of connections)
    • Establishing connections without the necessity of the presence of public power or telecommunication networks.
    • Use of served and un-served relay stations for radio coverage of areas that cannot be reached directly.

      We support the BORS with our expertise when commercial communications systems fail in a crisis. We maintain a close cooperation with the umbrella organization of Swiss shortwave amateurs (USKA), which provides emergency services depending on the region.
  • Satellite station

    We plan and create a complete satellite transmitting and receiving station for you. For example, for the geostationary satellite Es'Hail 2 (QO-100), which has only been in operation since 2019. Here there are solutions based on analog radios to the modern and digital SDR radios.
    More information about the new QO-100 satellite can be found here satellite-radio.

  • Sweeping - eavesdropping defense

    The loss of confidential or secret information can have unforeseeable consequences for a company. In addition to the actual loss of reputation, business risk and a financial loss, affected parties may face criminal, commercial, private and regulatory charges.

    To obtain information, patents and technologies, personal data, etc., illicit tools and methods are used by the other side. The use of today's technology enables hidden audio and visual recordings, allowing secret or confidential data and information to reach unauthorized parties.

    We examine the technical infrastructure and premises of key decision-makers and interlocutors to counter these threats. Using "sweeping ", business buildings - from shell to finished state - meeting rooms, lecture halls, offices, private homes and even vehicles can be examined and suspicious items identified and removed.