Swiss Made Information Security

IT Security Officer and Data Protection Officer (DPO) as Mandate

The IT Security Officer or Data Protection Officer (DPO) on a temporary basis (Mandate) is responsible for the planning, introduction, coordination and control of all information security and data protection measures and advises the management on all issues relating to information security and data protection. We take on this task for you as part of an external mandate. You benefit from our experience and comprehensive know-how at management, organizational, legal and technical level.

Information security for decision makers

You work in an important function and your technical IT environment is becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, you should make important decisions faster and more frequently. The IT language is becoming increasingly incomprehensible and bristles with incomprehensible terms. Risks are often underestimated because the complexity of the matter cannot be understood. You are aware of your responsibility and liability and would now like competent professional support for a short time.

Cyber Security Assessment for SMEs

With our independent cyber security analysis, you get an objective picture of your IT security. You will find out whether your IT infrastructure is really secure. The result of the cyber security assessment is clear and shows you unambiguously what action is needed and what you should do about it. Information security is therefore more than just securing data (e.g. backup). It also includes securing longer-term business activities and protecting the knowledge of employees in the company. Information security is therefore a strategic/organizational issue, not a purely technical one.

Information-Security Awareness

Cyberattacks usually start with an attachment in a phishing email. Incorrect, careless or negligent handling of confidential information by employees is one of the greatest risk factors for companies. Therefore, a fundamental sensitization of all employees to a security-conscious and responsible way of thinking and acting in the company's activities is indicated.

IT Risk Management for SMEs

Establish an open approach to risks in your company. Catastrophes do not occur more frequently today than in the past. However, the damage is more expensive and the consequences are more far-reaching! Our IT risk management is based on the systematic identification and minimization of risks. Only a functioning risk management enables the consistent use of appropriate - i.e. also economically justifiable - measures.

Reduce your IT risks to a reasonable residual risk!

Are you sure that your IT security and data protection in your company meets the requirements with cloud services and IoT of today?
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Our advantages - practical and competent!

Practical implementation

Guaranteed practical, efficient, effective implementation of your information security strategy adapted to your company.


Close and successful cooperation with you and the know-how will be available to you in the long term.

Professional advice

Personal advice and support is the key to your success and a guarantee for your investment.